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23 March 2009 @ 11:47 pm
emotional health  
It's official, I now agree with my therapist.  It was time for me to stop seeing her.  I can say this because I believe that I have now found a way to monitor my emotional health.  See, dad got mad tonight, and instead of getting all worried and upset and thinking it was all my fault, I got annoyed.  Actually, if you want to be technical, I got pissed.  I seem to have made the jump to functional person now, because when my father freaks out because I "sprung" a conversation about grad school loans and how to apply for one on him, he freaked out and I didn't.  I even managed to hold a perfectly rational side of a conversation with him when he was yelling.  I feel very proud.  I will be treating myself to ice cream tomorrow for this.

In other news, never stick something with a hook on the end up your vagina, even if it seems like a really funny idea at the time.

Also, my skin has a fungus.  I didn't know it worked like that.  All in all, I'm over the flu and tomorrow I will be in New York City for some seriously fun times.  And my dad can stuff it.
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