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04 March 2009 @ 01:42 pm
actually it was pterodactyls  
as it turns out, I get pterodactyls and velociraptors confused.  whoops.  which led to an emergency movie session where I was forced to sit through Jurassic Park and have people yell every time there were velociraptors on screen.  except those weren't actually velociraptors, they were Utah raptors.  I now know the difference way too well.

in other news, it's been a month since I should have heard from grad school.  poopieheads.  I have, in the interrum, written another fifty pages of the unspecified dinosaur story, not cut or dyed my hair, and discovered that videostic actually has bollywood movies on it.  seriously.  I'm going to marry that site, and our children will be half-human, half-internets.  and adorable.

oh, and I developed a highly inappropriate crush on some guy from my contra dance group.  I'm retarded.

I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing next year, but I bet it will be fantastic!

(I also discovered that I really like falafel.  the upsides to living with vegans...)

on a completely different note, the other day at lunch we decided that in a battle of the fandoms,

Gandalf would kick Dumbledore's ass

Sylar would rip off Voldemort's arm and giggle while he did it

and Buffy would pwn pretty much anyone from the HP universe.  actually, we mostly just discovered that the Potterverse is pretty weak, compartively.  making everyone else superstrong and awesome.

still haven't married Dean Winchester.
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